DataKing ERP 

Integrated software solution for your business

DataKing ERP 

ERP, HR, Payroll, CRM - 20 years development experience

NeoData  (until recently known as "Data Kompjuterski Inzinering") as a company with over 20 years of experience can offer you integrated software solution for any type of business. 

Our experise includes: 

  • ERP, Human resource, Salary, Customer relations management etc...
  • Business process analisys (LEAN)
  • Project management (PRINCE 2)
  • Architecture design, planning and development of software solutions
  • ICT Консалтинг

Customers and partners of NeoData are:

  • Government and municipalities
  • Insurance companies and banks
  • Business companies

***Нашите апликации се развиени на .NET платформа и се наменати за Windows оперативен систем. Развојот на ДатаКинг трае континуирано 20 години и е решение препознатливо на Македонскиот пазар.