Software tailored according to your needs

NeoData (until recently known as "Data Kompjuterski Inzenering") was formed in 1995 and since then has been present on the Macedonian software market. Our main business focus is implementation of complete Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP known as  "DataKing") in organization in Macedonia.  Our customers consist of profit and nonprofit organizations where we have implemented software in accordance with ISO standards. So far we have developed software for many business industries. They include:

  • ERP Software for government and public organizations
  • Software for insurance companies
  • Software for Banks
  • Software for Manufacturing companies
  • Software for Trading companies
  • Software for Hospital management

We distinguish our selves from other companies on our market by following the law regulations and using the latest technology in developing our software products. Always striving to be the first to implement new law regulations in our software and be the first to make an offer on the market (one example of this is our new application  "Software for health and safety". Our main focuses are the medium and small profit and non-profit companies in Macedonia. This doesn't mean that we have excluded big companies form our software offer. Some of our client includes large insurance companies, mining corporations and other mass production companies. Advantages in choosing to work with us are:

  • Offer of high quality software that is always up to date with all changes in law and regulations
  • Knowledge and experience backed up by certificates in project management, software development, managing processes etc...
  • Highly skilled and professional staff (most of which is a part of the company for over 10 years)
  • Experienced management with proven capabilities and track record on big projects
  • Our staff is consisted of  highly qualified, professionals, committed to providing the highest quality of service, always quick to respond to service calls
  • Always ready to make a castom  "tailored software to your business needs.

"NeoData" always strives to enrich its software products offer in cooperation with other IT companies like Neotel and Neocom, developing applications that follow the technology trends. These include applications for IOS, Android and Cloud apps.

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