dataKing Cloud 

   Management Information System, CRM & Sales, Invoicing & Payments        

Manage your business effortlessly

Manage all your clients’ contacts, schedule phone calls and meetings. Set reminder for all potential and finished meetings. Organize your calendar, track and manage your clients. Create offers and invoices in a second, with a single data entry and send them right away to your client via the integrated e-mail system. Register all your accounts payable and have real-time presentation of your payables and receivables.


Create an offer for a potential client, through your mobile device, while drinking your coffee. Send it by e-mail. Convenient, right?

  • No hardware investment. Accessible through internet on all devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile…)
  • No investment in licenses (Windows, databases, etc.) 
  • Without worries and costs for backup – we take care of that
  • Access to the application from everywhere, through web browser, without installing additional software
  • You will receive a user manual with all functionalities described
  • Special database for each company
  • Option for module upgrade with new functionalities. As your bussiness grows, the software will follow.


Monthly Per user (euro) 24,00




  • Define your own sale teams
  • Monitor the sale cycle with one entry through all phases: 

          Enter a Lead – Convert it to Opportunity – Give an Offer – INVOICE.

  • Create your own sale cycle

          Adjust the sale phases by configuring the application so it shows your sale cycle.

  • Organize the Opportunities

          Clear user interface with all data in one place.

  • Agenda and collaboration (Calendar)

          Schedule your meetings and phone calls with our integrated calendar. You can check your meetings and your colleagues’ meetings on one calendar. 

  • Send and receive e-mails from your clients directly from one place
  • E-mail integration and automatization

          Operate on the e-mail application that you are used to, whether you use Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, you do not need to change the working habit.  

  • Clear Kanban overview for managing the sale process
  • Evidence of purchase invoices and receipts

          Single integration of your receivables and payables .

  • Bank entries and Payments

          Enter data on payments for the purchase and sales invoices. Create a Journal.

  • Reports, Control panels and Overoll Analysis

          Have the right information at any time in order to make the right decisions